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#BritishGP with Phill and Terry

Do you want to watch the British Grand Prix in a pub in London with two thirds of For F1's Sake?

Really? Oh, well you'd best read on.

We are shamelessly copying the Williams/Airbnb competition in which to win you must write 100 words to go the the British Grand Prix and meet Felippe Massa (not Lance Stroll) and stay the night.

We can't offer a bed, or travel expenses, scintillating conversation or Cheeka (she's away that weekend). We might buy you a pint and let you sit at the same table, maybe.

But to enter you need to write a 100 story about why you would like to spend the Sunday afternoon with Terry and Phill. Fill in the form below or send it to wrong@ff1s.com

And for some inspiration here is Terry's actual entry for the Williams competition, so if he wins he won't be there - so you'll just be with Phill..

Terry couldn’t sleep. Yes he was tired, it had been a long day meeting the F1 people (well Felipe Massa) but now that he was wrapped in his Williams branded sleeping bag, amongst the cars in Parc Ferme, the last mechanic had left just a tenth of a second before the curfew began and had offered him a suck of his thermos. But Terry refused and waited for the coast to be clear. He turned on his torch, this is what he was really here for, to see if the rumours were true, he was here to FIND STROLL’S GOLD.

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