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Model is T-shirt's own

Model is T-shirt's own

For F1’s Sake is lovingly made by Cheeka, Terry and Phill (with help from producer Matt). We make no money out of it, but there are some costs that we’d love to cover, namely:

  • Travel
  • Website/Podcast hosting
  • Beer

So head to our redbubble store or click the images below.

Extra Pod Points* if you can get in the background at a race while wearing the t-shirt.

So buy a t-shirt, a baby grow, a mug… and support THE PODCAST THAT FORMULA ONE DESERVES…

*not a thing


Have you ever wanted a halftone F1 tyre, with copyrighted logos removed and perhaps something that could be contrued as naughty printed instead? You're in luck!

Gunther Steiner is my spirit animal

We like swearing, and in the Netflix F1 documentary we found out that Gunther does too - why have a wolf or an owl guiding you when it can be Gunther "Un-fucking-believeable" Steiner himself?

Welcome to Llandonorris

The picturesque welsh village of llandonorris, famed for its um... stuff.



Support Stoffel Vandoorne in his first full F1 season by wearing this unlicensed and deeply unofficial tshirts bearing an almost illegible rewording of his name

Podium by Barcelona

One day McLaren will mean it... won't they?

FF1S logo

Love For F1’s Sake but don't like Stoffel Vandoorne? We've got you covered!