2015 Archive

2015 was the year in which Hamilton pretty much walked to the title and Maldonado walked (Crashed) into many things. 

It's also the first year that Terry, Cheeka and Phill got together to record For F1's Sake. Here's how they did.



Just as Formula 1 starts the process of disappearing up its own arsehole a new podcast has arrived to pull it back out.

Cheeka Eyers, Phill Tromans and Terry Saunders discuss the Hungarian Grand Prix; was it a chink in Mercedes armour or did they just take their silver eyes off the ball?
They discuss all the driver transfer gossip, team ownership and Jolene Palmer.



Cheeka, Terry and Phill are FURIOUS with Pirelli, just because that seems to be the done thing to do.
In this second episode of For F1s Sake the three discuss how their lives have been on startlingly similar paths as F1 this week and exactly what happened at the Belgian GP


FF1S.15.03 - Italy

No pressure, but everyone is getting tired of the tyre talk, Lotus are going belly up, Honda are lying face down in a canal somewhere and F1 has a new blond, but ZERO CARES


FF1S.15.04 Singapore

It was all change at Singapore as the Mercedeseses floundered and an imbecile vaulted the fence in a misguided attempt to improve his selfie game. And now he’s in jail.

Amid all that, Sebastian Vettel took us back to the old school to dominate the race and bring back The Finger. We look back at all the Marina Bay goings on and ruminate on the future of Lotus, Renault and Jenson Button. Plus, with the driver market in full swing, Terry updates us on his hill starts. PODCAST GOLD.


FF1S.15.05 Japan

In the aftermath of the Japanese Grand Prix, Cheeka Eyers, Phill Tromans and Terry Saunders talk about Mercedes’ revival, Red Bull’s disasters and Will Stevens, the new King of Drift. Plus, the fallout from VW Group’s mass swindling, the European Union’s investigation into F1’s dodgy dealings and why Terry will be on TV, drinking tea.


FF1S.15.06 Russia

In a bumper episode 6, the team looks back on the Russian Grand Prix - the thrills, spills and overtakes that were never going to work in a million years Kimi, you muppet. We also preview the race of champions and rage against current F1 rules. Oh, and there's a special guest appearance from ACTUAL NIGEL MANSELL. Really.


FF1S.15.07 USA

Was Austin the greatest race of the year? The team thinks so, and rambles incoherently about Capgate, Kimi’s battle with a Rolex sign and whether Hamilton and Rosberg should have an actual, physical fight. Plus, Terry takes a look into the zany world of Formula E and we discuss whether having two different engine specs is a good idea for the sport.


FF1S.15.07b Monaco?

It’s the Mexican Grand Prix! Well, actually no, it isn’t, because Terry forgot that his wife’s birthday was on the day we were going to record. I mean really: who puts his marriage before F1?
Anyway, instead of a festival of sombrero jokes, we take a dip into the archives and present a PREVIOUSLY UNRELEASED pilot show, recorded after this year’s Monaco Grand Prix. Join us for a saunter down memory lane, to a time before we knew what we were doing.


FF1S.15.08 Brazil

Unencumbered by spousal birthdays, it’s the Brazilian Grand Prix podcast! This week’s episode also features a bit of the Mexican GP, as well as news of people leaving teams, drivers leaving racing, and sponsors leaving McLaren.


FF1S.15.09 Abu Dhabi

The end is nigh! The 2015 Formula 1 season ended with a bit of an anticlimax, but it sets up an intriguing winter break. Has Lewis Hamilton lost it? Has Rosberg found it? Will Maldonado crash into it? All these questions and more will be sort of answered by Cheeka, Phill and Terry in their look back at the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix.